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College Sailing is run and governed by the ICSA - Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association. There are seven different regions in college sailing, obviously based on location. To see a map of the districts, go to: http://collegesailing.org/teams.asp A variety of boats are raced in college sailing, among them are as follows: FJ's, Larks, 420's, IC dinghy's, Tech Dinghy's, Lasers, Vanguard 15's and Laser Radials to name a few. There are two divisions in College Sailing, an 'A' division and a 'B' division; at some larger regattas (called intersectionals), there can be 'C' and 'D' divisions. Races are run in sets. This means that 'A' division will go out and sail two races, then 'B' division will sail two races. The event continues as such so that no one division gets ahead of another by more than two races. Every school racing the event has a team in each division and at the end of the day/event the combined schools low score wins the event. College sailing is a fall and spring sport, unlike all other college sports. There are a series of regattas each weekend, with larger events, intersectionals, sprinkled throughout each season. The culmination of the spring season is the College Sailing Nationals. The location of the Nationals changes each year. The 2008 Nationals was sailed in Newport, RI from the New York Yacht Club.

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Mike Ingham

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Skip Whyte

Home: North Kingstown, RI
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Allison Jolly

Home: St. Petersburg, FL
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Ken Legler

Home: Medford, MA
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Alice Manard

Home: Charleston, SC
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Jeffrey Bresnahan

Home: New London, CT
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Scott Ikle

Home: Geneva, NY
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Marc Jacobi

Home: Westport, CT
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Pete Levesque

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Blake Billman

Home: Austin, TX
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Joey Mello

Home: Newport, RI
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Zachary Leonard

Home: East Haven, CT
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John Vandemoer

Home: Annapolis, MD
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Bill Symes

Home: Portland, OR
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