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My name is MaryClaire. I sail out of Lake Beulah YC in Wisconsin and Chicago YC in Illinois.I've sailed Optis, X-boats, HS 420s, Club 420s, i420s , FJs, C-scows, MC-scows, and Laser Radials. I'm going to be a freshmen at Tufts University.

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Posted By: Mary Claire

DATE: September 28, 2012

Fall Update!!!

Farr40 Pre-Worlds

Two weekends ago, I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to sail the Farr40 Pre-Worlds in Chicago held at the Monroe Station. The boat I sailed on was Flash Gordon, now the 2012 World Champions. My favorite part of the day was the start. It was awesome to see all the competitors close in action. I learned a lot about teamwork on big boats. Everyone has his or her specific job that must be performed in a specific order. Problems may occur if the sequence is not performed correctly, but when all goes well it is an impressive group effort. I saw how even though the Farr40s are gigantic compared to youth boats ,like 420s, they are sailed very similarly. Saturday's light wind conditions gave us the opportunity to roll tack the boats. Before racing, the team gave me one of the Flash Gordon tech tees. I felt like part of the team.

I have sailed Tom28s at Chicago Match Race Center ,but that is as big as I have ever sailed on. This experience has made me excited to get back into big boats. Iím really glad I took the opportunity to sail on the Farr40s. It was a sailing experience I will remember for a long time.

It was really fun to check up on Flash Gordon online throughout the week of the World Championships. I was cheering for them to win. I wasn't surprised when the finally won. Congrats to the home team! Chi-City!!!

I am currently in the middle of the High School Sailing Season!!! This weekend I will be sailing A Division in the Autumn Classic held at the Chicago YC Belmont Harbor!