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Chris Lash • Newport, RI, Boston, MA
Classes: Level 2 , US Sailing , First Aid , CPR [ more ]
My primary strengths are starting techniques and tactics. I have significant experience coaching the 14-18 year old age group. [ more ]



Sheboygan, WI

Wind Conditions: NOAASheboygan Lighthouse

Tide Table:
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Lake Michigan is some 100 miles wide and 300 miles long, and the shoreline runs north/south...so there are no obstructions to the breeze or water to the north, east or south.

When breeze is from any westerly direction (SW, W, NW), it comes over the land and is appropriately shifty.

Breezes from other directions are affected by the weather systems that cause them.

The waves will kick up accordingly, as there is no natural barrier to prevent their build-up when the breeze is not from a westerly direction.

The “lake breeze” is roughly from the SE; but the wind is largely impacted by the weather systems that roll through.

The area is susceptible to severe fog rolling in.

- D. Perry, CT


There is no significant current effect, though there is slight current and it is affected by the rise and fall of the Lake, rainfall, phase of the moon, etc.
- D. Perry, CT


Sheboygan is about an hour drive from the Milwaukee airport, and a couple hours from Chicago. It is best to fly into Milwaukee airport. There is a shuttle service (Go Airport Shuttle) that can take you to Sheboygan for around $40 (call ahead to make a reservation).

The Sheboygan Yacht Club is a friendly club with all the amenities needed to provide a comfortable stay. It has a full restaurant and bar, and ample parking for boats, etc.

The US Sailing Center of Sheboygan is right next to the Sheboygan Yacht Club, and the two blend to become one when on site.

There are several nice hotels in the area. One is the Grandstay Hotel,.which is very accommodating to sailors. It is about a 15 minute walk from the Club.

There is a Subway and other restaurants within walking distance of the Club.

- D. Perry, CT


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