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Zachary Leonard East Haven, CT
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Sailing in Ft. Lauderdale mainly takes place outside the breakwater.  It is a long and potentially unsafe sail out of the channel.  There are a ton of powerboats and not everyone knows what they are doing.  It is very important to stay right on the correct side of the channel when exiting and entering.  Be vigilant about looking around and take avoiding action if necessary, it is not a place to assume anyone knows the "rules of the road".  There is also a lot of current and the wind gets very light and flukey in places.  Towing in and out is the best idea.  Once you get out though, the sailing is awesome! 
The Gulf Stream can be as close as one mile away, where you will experience great waves amongst the flying fish.  Even closer to shore the sailing is great and challenging.  There are three reefs that are important to locate for current changes.  (They are not reefs that you need to worry about hitting).  In northerly breezes, you will experience flat water with tons of shifts and southerlies bring great waves and classic seabreeze sailing.
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