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Brian Bissell Newport Beach, CA
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Dorchester, Massachusetts

Boston College sails out of Savin Hill Yacht Club in the Dorchester secton of Boston Harbor.

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BC sails 420s out of the Savin Hill Yacht Club near the Dorchester section of Boston. This is the only college site on Boston Harbor, a windy and often shifty venue with some open water possibilities including current. The open direction is NE but East brings steady wind with flat water. West winds can be very strong with small waves.
- K. Legler,


Current is a factor as it runs in and out of the little river near the yacht club and across the course. It runs hardest in the channel and less closer to the Marina Bay marina where the race course is usually located. Racers will need to compensate for current and consider the variation in strength over the different sides of the course. Shallow spots are a problem at low tide (ten foot rise and fall) near the marina but also around the floats where the boats are kept. Hopefully you do not return right at dead low or you might have to walk (yuck).
- K. Legler,


College sailors are guests, not members, of the Savin Hill YC. As such you must pay attention to all the rules including restricted areas. Bring in your own food as there isn't time to go out and get it during the short lunch break (but this is the norm for most college sites).
- K. Legler,


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