I started sailing Opti's when I was 11 years old and continued in the boat for 3 years. After the Opti I moved in to the Club 420 and the Sunfish and have been sailing nationally in both boats. My goals for the next few years are to train hard enough in college so compete at an all american level, and qualify for the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games in the Sunfish Class

Posted By: Stewart

Last day of racing and the breeze was on!!! It was blowing about 15 and I was looking forward to a great day of sailing when right before the first race my jens line snapped!!!(jens is a line we use to depower our sails when it gets windy) I had to sail the whole day with a full rig. It worked out better than I thought. My results on the day were a 4,10,11 which pushed me up to 8th overall! It was a good regatta for team Texas as well as Greg Gust finished 2nd overall. It was a great regatta. Now it's time to get ready for college!